We live in an upland village called Kliny near Litvinov. Our Dog breeding station, which we have established in 2005, is called " Cool Lady" affer our first mare of English thoroughbred horse, who has attended horse-races. In our place she has been running fot the joy of her and also the dogs´. At present we have neither the mare nor any other horses and we have devoted our time mainly to shows and breeding our doggies.


Cool Lady and Me...

Peter and Doris and Endy

My Husband is interested in Leonbergers who are excellent in guarding our house.

Doris, Kayra and  Endy

I´ve been charmed by hairless - Chinese crested dogs, and not only by their interesting look but also by their wonderful nature.

Cris certova stena and Me

Our Chinese crested dogsGerda and Cris and puppies