It pays for stealing




  One day when we went back home riding on horseback, we noticed a fox imprisoned in our fence. It appeared to be already dead. This time the fox did not profit from rapine on hens, indeed.



poprvé jsme viděli takhle zblízka lišku



zmije stočená do klubíčka není téměř vidět

  Life attracts us in the mountains; there is an interesting flora and fauna. However, we have to tolerate an unpleasant fact that vipers are living here as well. As we raised vipers for our pleasure before, we have a positive relation to snakes. We endeavor to catch them and take away farthest, maybe to hope they will not return.  

rychle chytit, než uteče...

   I was really stiffened after I heard to sizzle something on a road near our garden where Gerda tumbled about. I took Gerda in my arms immediately as it just moved round to investigate what was this interesting sizzling being. We caught the viper and took it away.  

červená užovka je neškodná

  It happened yet that a swollen cat came to our home, once a goat had a swollen whole head. Fortunately, nothing happened to anybody so far and the next day they were OK altogether.